Engaging, dynamic and operationally focused: these are the top 3 attributes that I believe best describe Christine. She possesses a rare ability to connect people development with real, tangible operational priorities.
Jeff Fielding, Insurance Corporation of BC


1 1 Testimonials “I have recently entrusted Christine from Impact People Practices with one of my key clients who through rapid growth have significantly expanded their business including the number of employees. Christine was invited to provide her signature leadership workshop and has managed to really help ground, enthuse & fuse the team. The client is over the moon with her work and would highly recommend her to any company committed to developing their staff for greater productivity and morale. Thank you, Christine on behalf of my client & my company!”

Conny Millard, Director of MCG inc., Millard Consulting Group Inc. Sub contracted a Leadership Workshop to Christine at IMPACT People Practices

1 Testimonials

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Reine Testimonials “Christine McLeod is dynamic. Christine McLeod is passionate. Every occasion I have had to collaborate with Christine I have left energized and inspired. She is a teacher and a motivator. From diving deep into best practices in social media to providing opportunities for her community to gather and learn from each other, she is an innovative and strategic consultant. Christine’s drive to inspire is clearly evident in all that she does and I look forward to the next opportunity to work with her.”

Michelle Leroux, Owner, Reine Communications has run a social media workshop with Christine and collaborated on a client quote

Michelle L Testimonials

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2 1 Testimonials “Christine is a skilled Human Resources practitioner with an uncanny ability to get anyone to understand the link between behaviours and organizational results. She combines these skills with her knowledge of Social Medias. Put all of this together, and you have a Social Media Guru that drives change in HR at the speed of light.”

Christine Maassen, CHRP, CEC, SVP Human Resources SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts hired Christine as a consultant in 2009, and has worked with Christine now on 3 projects, Director of MCG inc., Millard Consulting Group Inc. Sub contracted a Leadership Workshop to Christine at IMPACT People Practices

2 Testimonials

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Whistler Testimonials “As the key note speaker at the recent Chamber luncheon Christine talked about employee engagement. Even though she came highly recommended by Go2HR and Joel Chevalier/Whistler Blackcomb, she exceeded our expectations. Her presentation was brilliant! Clear messages and inspiring. Ask her about giving feedback the right way – it will stick with you forever. Thank you so much!”

Mechthild (Mecki) Facundo Leadership luncheon in February 2011

Mecki Testimonials

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6 Testimonials “Working with Christine is always a fun and inspirational process, as her mind is full of great ideas and she executes them with energy and enthusiasm. She is passionate about bringing the best out of people, and she’s not afraid to dive into the latest tools and social media concepts to help her clients be true leaders and innovators in HR.”

Warwick Patterson, President & Director of Photography, Formula Photographic Inc.has collaborated with Christine on client projects and video work for her own brand development
Warwick Testimonials

transparent Testimonials

Untitled 3 Testimonials “Christine is the kind of person who makes a big IMPACT on your life when you meet her. She is sparkly, full of good energy and positive actions. Including her on your team will be one of the best decisions you can make for your firm’s success!”

Leanna Rathkelly, Photographer and Owner, Travelling Light Photography was hired by Impact People Practices and Christine for a client project

Untitled 2 Testimonials

transparent Testimonials

“Christine has many talents, some of which include creative and engaging facilitation, executive coaching, program design and strategic planning. Christine puts her heart into all the work she does and always delivers on her clients needs to a high level. I would recommend Christine and Impact People practices to anyone looking to make a positive impact with people in their organization.”

Julie Morris, Director / Consultant, VentureHR worked with Christine as a sub contractor in 2010

Untitled 4 Testimonials

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Untitled 6 Testimonials “Christine is one the most energetic people I know and she has a great ability to inject this energy into her leadership training workshops. Her experience and passion for helping others grow as a leader has always impressed me. I have always sought her viewpoints when building leadership development plans which has enabled me to grow strong leadership teams.”

Chris Beckett, General Manager Marble Mountain Resort worked directly with Christine when they were at Intrawest Corporation ULC

Untitled 5 Testimonials

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“Christine is one of the most energetic, diligent and focused people I have ever worked with. She is driven to understanding her client’s needs and then providing practical, appropriate solutions efficiently and effectively. Her facilitation style is inclusive, ebullient and always memorable.”

Tracy Hutton, CEC worked with Christine at Intrawest Corporation ULC.

Untitled 7 Testimonials

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Untitled 88 Testimonials “Engaging, dynamic and operationally focused – these are the top 3 attribute that I believe best describe Christine. She possesses a rare ability to connect people development with real, tangible operational priorities.”

Jeff Fielding, Manager Training and Development ICBC, worked directly with Christine at Intrawest Corporation ULC
Untitled 8 Testimonials

transparent Testimonials

Untitled 1 Testimonials “Christine is the consummate professional. Her enthusiasm and drive to accomplish tasks is infectious and her ability to manage and deliver complicated and multi-faceted projects on time with successful results sets the benchmark.”

Christian Leadbeater, Director Loss Prevention with Best Buy worked directly with Christine at Intrawest Corporation ULC
bb Testimonials

transparent Testimonials

9 Testimonials “Christine and I worked together in Human Resources at Intrawest, but serving very different client groups. We had an opportunity to connect during strategic HR planning sessions and I was always very impressed by Christine’s energy, passion and drive to create meaningful, results-driven learning and development tools for her managers and employees within the Retail Division. Additionally I appreciated Christine’s ability to add value to the company in many other roles including: internal consultant, facilitator, and coach. Christine has much to offer companies in terms of her knowledge and experience in hospitality, retail, HR and learning and development and will no doubt make a difference within her client’s organizations, large or small.”

Kari Braaten, CHRP, Director, People, Intrawest Corporation worked with Christine at Intrawest Corporation ULC
9 1 Testimonials

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“Passionate, caring, innovative, dedicated and ‘Excellence at Execution’ ” are some of the words that I would say to describe accurately Christine’s performance when it comes to design and delivery of high quality learning programs for front line staff and managers. Christine was responsible for creating and delivering sales and service training programs for staff and managers at over 200 retail shops in Canada and the USA. Her efforts led her to be recognized as developing the Best Employee Training Program by both the Retail Council of Canada and the National Ski Areas Association. The “School of Magic and Logic” is one of my finest memories of our time at Intrawest.”

Mark Hulme, Vice President, Intrawest managed Christine at Intrawest Corporation ULC
10 Testimonials

transparent Testimonials

11 1 Testimonials “Christine has a unique ability to create and drive culture, results and energy into an organization, During a period of rapid growth within Intrawest she crisscrossed North America relentlessly opening stores and helping our resort leaders build teams and a strong, mission driven company. I would not hesitate for one second to hire Christine!”

David Barry, Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Mountain Holidays worked with Christine indirectly at Intrawest Corporation ULC
11 Testimonials

transparent Testimonials

12 1 Testimonials “I joined the Intrawest Retail Rental group in October of 2000, representing Snowshoe Mountain. I participated in the first Magic & Logic retail rental program in Whistler Blackhomb facilitated by Christine. We trained hard, went over best practices and components needed to develop and grow our individual teams. I can not tell you the impact Christine’s passion, leadership styles and sheer positive energy that she led this very large task with. She inspired me in more ways than any trainer ever had prior! I left that week with more knowledge and drive to bring back to our team to facilitate the same type of program at our resort and to this day, still use “her” techniques. She truly inspires teamwork, dedication and developing winning teams and driving successful stories. I would highly recommend Christine to any organization, you truly don’t know the impact of what your business is missing until she is a part of your team”

Patti Duncan, Director Retail Rental, Snowshoe Mountain worked directly with Christine at Intrawest Corporation ULC
12 Testimonials

transparent Testimonials

13 2 Testimonials “I enjoyed working with Christine for many years at Intrawest. What stands out to me about Christine is her endless energy and enthusiasm for creating an amazing employee and guest experience and constantly exceeding expectations. She is always identifying new ideas and creative solutions, and is able to connect with people at all levels in the organization.”

Willemein VAN DER WAL, Director, People, Dialog worked with Christine at Intrawest Corporation ULC
13 Testimonials

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14 1 Testimonials “Christine has the unique ability to develop presentations that connect and engage at all employee levels. From senior management to front line employees, I found her workshops to be empowering, topical and motivating. Christine’s energy and passion for service culture would be an asset to any organization.”

Drew Hitchmough, owner Urban Alpine worked directly with Christine at Intrawest Corporation ULC
14 Testimonials

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15 1 Testimonials “If you want someone who shows up and really gets down to work then Christine is the one. A fast learner, committed service provider and caring person all around Christine knows human resources, human relations and human compassion.”

William Roberts, President, The Whistler Forum for Leadership and Dialogue worked with Christine leading Cohort 6 of Leadership Sea to Sky 2010
15 Testimonials

transparent Testimonials

“Christine is one of the most inspiring individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. Years after moving on to other roles I still consider the counsel I received from her amazing portfolio of experience as a highlight in my career development. Christine has the background and insight to reference any situation and find a positive outcome. Her cooperative personality, emotional intelligence, and inquisitive mind can bring out the best in anyone and help them find the motivation and strength to accomplish things they may think beyond their skill set. I would highly recommend the chance to work with Christine in any capacity possible, and encourage you to make the opportunity happen!”

Brian Naylor, Group Manager, Intrawest worked directly with Christine at Intrawest Corporation ULC
16 Testimonials

transparent Testimonials

“Christine is a gifted trainer and developer of people. Her innate enthusiasm and people skills are extraordinary. I knew her as a highly knowledgeable, results-driven retailer with a passion for measuring results, setting objective targets, and then training individuals and building teams to achieve “stretch” goals. Christine has a knack for deeply understanding complex processes, then breaking them down into clear training prescriptions. I saw Intrawest colleagues advance and become more effective managers and executives thanks to her training leadership. We viewed Christine as a strong executive and training specialist within Intrawest, able to extend the people development skills she developed in the retail sector well beyond the company’s retail “world”. I recommend Christine without qualification and with enthusiasm.”

Steve Rice, Managing Director at CNL Lifestyle Company managed Christine indirectly at Intrawest Corporation ULC
17 Testimonials

transparent Testimonials

18 1 Testimonials “There are two things that great people naturally have. A great attitude and 2. Smart. Christine excels at both. During our time at Intrawest Christine developed a strong reputation for making a difference from her early days in retail with award winning accolades to working across our vast network with a title that pertained to training…but we all knew was about culture and kool-aid. I can’t imagine any organization that Christine would not make a positive difference too with a “beyond expectation” contribution. Would I recommend her…most definitely!”

Graham Kwan, Vice President, Business Development, Intrawest Corporation managed Christine indirectly at Intrawest Corporation ULC

18 Testimonials

transparent Testimonials

“I worked with Christine at 2 of the Leadership schools that she developed and facilitated as well as attended leadership schools developed and facilitated by Christine. Any program that Christine builds has always been relevant, inspirational, engaging and empowering. There is a noticeable difference in performance and engagement from a leadership team after they’ve attended one of Christine’s schools. I would recommend Christine and look forward to the opportunity to deploy trainng materials she develops in the future.”

Matt Davies, Group Manager – Retail, Rental and Repair, Whistler Blackcomb worked indirectly for Christine at Intrawest Corporation ULC
19 Testimonials

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21 1 Testimonials “Christine is a proven leader in the arena of maximizing people’s potential. If your industry is dependent on getting the most out of your people, Christine can help to develop the necessary strategy and implement the required tactics to allow your people to succeed. She has the ability to connect with Senior executives in the boardroom and the front line staff in all types of operation.”

Jeff Stipec, COO Milestones worked with Christine at Intrawest Corporation ULC
21 Testimonials

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20 1 Testimonials “WOW! – Christine McLeod is one of the most dynamic trainers and communicators that I have known. She keeps it focused on outcomes – people, client and financial – and how an individual can make an impact on one or all of these areas. Above all else, she keeps training and facilitation of small and large groups interactive and fun. Would I recommend Christine – you bet!”

Rusty Noble, Area Director – Canmore at Bellstar Hotels & Resorts worked with Christine at Intrawest
20 Testimonials

transparent Testimonials

22 1 Testimonials “Christine takes the term “HR pro” to a whole other level. In the years that I have had the pleasure of either working with her, or seeing the projects she has delivered, there is no question about her passion for human resources, planning and training. I’ve known her ideas to be innovative, progressive and founded squarely in what it takes to make the connection between a company and its people more fulfilling and rewarding.”

Danielle Kristmanson, Creative Director, Origin Design + Communications Ltd. worked with Christine at Intrawest
22 Testimonials

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