We don’t do our best work @work

I came accross this Ted talk which I wanted to share with you because it resonnates with me and so many entrepreneurs I know. The hypothesis is that companies or non profits have a number of people that do "work" for them and somehow, somewhere... it was decided that a physical space, with tables and chairs and computers and phone and a shared kitchen and maybe a few other things were...

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Who you ARE is so much bigger than what you DO

I like this picture. This is a fish. He swims, and eats and does whatever fish like to do. Yet who he is... a fish swimming in the opposite direction, a leader of other fishes.... is what truly sets him apart. People want to put you in a box. Tie it up with a bow and label it. It's the first thing we ask people when we meet them... what do you "DO?" we are told to practice our "elevator...

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