Future Ready in MY World- guest post from a boomer

As a 40-year veteran of the world of work (I did start young, OK?) I am definitely in the boomer category though like many of my generational cohort I’ve had multiple different  careers in that time – starting our new careers along with new career Gen-Xers; maybe even very early new career Gen-Yers.  That may have kept us career-changing boomers on our toes! The Future is Here ...

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Coach’s corner: Thoughts on goal setting with Jen Segger

The Holidays is always a great time for reflection and an all important PAUSE from our "hamster-in-a-wheel" go go go pace. It's a time to pause and reflect on where you have come from and envision where you want to go. There is no ONE way to do this, so I thought it would be cool to do a small series around goal setting from the perspectives of a few different types of coaches. Sometimes...

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