Engaging, dynamic and operationally focused: these are the top 3 attributes that I believe best describe Christine. She possesses a rare ability to connect people development with real, tangible operational priorities.
Jeff Fielding, Insurance Corporation of BC

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I am a planner. At times I absolutely own the title of "over-planner" or "Julie, Cruise Director" that my husband bestows on me.

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For over two decades I have instinctively known that CULTURE .. WINNING CULTURE is the key to success in business. For over two decades I have absorbed, experienced, seen, heard,...

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How to define our generation? How do we see ourselves and how do others describe our attitudes and personality? What a better way to answer these questions than on a...

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  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see fresh options that take "HR process", give it a shake and take it up a notch. Well, there is ONE thing that gives me greater pleasure than that. Seeing that...

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People ask me all the time - how can you touch and "feel" Corporate Culture? Here is what great culture looks and feels like- visually!

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Netflix Culture Manifesto Whether you are a Netflix lover or not, the essence of what is in this slideshare presentation speaks to the heart of what an impactful workplace looks and feels like. 

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How does a CEO connect with the Gen Y employees in their organization to maximize business results? To answer this question we did a quick and dirty virtual focus group of high performing Gen Y employees across small, medium and...

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Generation Y are our leaders of 2020 – what do today’s CEO’s need to be doing to enable this? In just eight short years, approximately 46% of the North American  workforce will be comprised of

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(photo credit http://angela-vandenbogaard.deviantart.com/) Did you know that the root ball of a tree mirrors its leaf span? 

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  What started as a vision over a coffee a year ago in Vancouver is now an annual HR event like none other. We are just a few weeks away from unveiling the 2012 Impact99 website and launching registration.

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  Well you can call me B, but my full name is Bria Ann Darlington; I am a tourism student at Capilano University living in between Squamish and Whistler and now the newest addition to Impact People...

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  A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting my 15 month old grandson, Roudi. He had just started to say his first words and was so excited to try to communicate these with me. You could see the wonder in his eyes as he showed me his toys and was trying...

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