Engaging, dynamic and operationally focused: these are the top 3 attributes that I believe best describe Christine. She possesses a rare ability to connect people development with real, tangible operational priorities.
Jeff Fielding, Insurance Corporation of BC

Employee Engagement by the numbers- #socialworkplace

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Values- how you act when no-one is looking

Three reflective moments I had watching this video

1. This was refreshing: 

The manner in which we conduct ourselves speaks volumes about our character and values. In a world surrounded by security cameras catching every wrong move, I love this refreshing compilation of everything that is GOOD in people, caught on camera. Making an IMPACT happens in the smallest ways, with the tiniest actions.

It seems in every speaking engagement I do lately, every facilitated training session, the message of personal leadership and values- how we conduct ourselves when no-one is looking.. weaves its way into the conversation.

Whether we are learning to lead better or live better, it comes down to how we ACT. 

2. This was unexpected:

It also strikes me watching this that it’s not what you expect. We are surprised and delighted to see people doing these small kindnesses- because it’s outside of the norm. That part makes me a little bit sad. Tell me what you think after watching the video here!

3. Each of these moments captured was part of an unfolding story: 

I am fascinated by the stories BEHIND & AROUND situations. The couple kissing in the elevator; The swordfighting couple in the square. Authentic Humanity at its best – and when we consider each of those stories- we start appreciating how much of an interconnected eco-system we live in.  Tell me what you think after watching the video above!


Screen shot 2012 11 17 at 5.55.26 PM1 Values  how you act when no one is looking


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Netflix Corporate Culture Manifesto

Screen shot 2012-10-11 at 10.28.01 AM

Netflix Culture Manifesto

Whether you are a Netflix lover or not, the essence of what is in this slideshare presentation speaks to the heart of what an impactful workplace looks and feels like. 

Screen shot 2012 10 11 at 10.11.01 AM 300x223 Netflix Corporate Culture Manifesto

Christine McLeod, Chief Possibilities Officer and founder of Impact People Practices & Canada’s Social Workplace Summit Impact99 is always on the hunt for progressive organizations pushing the envelope when it comes to creating impactful workplaces. If you know of a business or leader who throws out the rule book and is leading in an innovative way, comment below and Christine will get blog about them!

Christine works with progressive leaders to create impactful workplaces. You can find her on twitter at @impactresults or on Facebook 

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Engaging Gen Y- starting from the top

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How does a CEO connect with the Gen Y employees in their organization to maximize business results?

To answer this question we did a quick and dirty virtual focus group of high performing Gen Y employees across small, medium and large organizations and here are some of the top points that were made: Continue reading

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What can today’s CEO do to enable Gen Y… our 2020 leaders?

Screen shot 2012-09-01 at 10.36.40 PM

Generation Y are our leaders of 2020 – what do today’s CEO’s need to be doing to enable this?

In just eight short years, approximately 46% of the North American  workforce will be comprised of millennials/Generation Y . In many cases, these are the people that will be running companies of all sizes as well as holding leadership roles in multiple levels of government.

Continue reading

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